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THE MIRACLE GOLF TEE for Driver Tee Shot

Get More Distance,
Target Accuracy,
Save Time and Effort Looking for Lost Tees !

3 dimples

5 concepts in one-piece golf tee configuration

"Forever Tee"
a single tee lasts for months.

  1. Gain precise ball balance on the tee = No ball side spins = Accurate ball flight to the target:
    If ball is leaned too far on either side, 3 dimpled cavity tee top allows ball to fall off, preventing ball side spins for true ball flight toward target.
    No other golf tee to compare, this concept must be new to the market

  2. Nano friction = less ball spin = more distance:
    A tee with 3 dimpled cavity tee top reduces friction for less ball spin to gain more distance. 
    Please compare the similar concempt tees through Zero Friction Golf Tee Image and Effects.

  3. A tee anchoring system with angled fins to withstand initial impact, facilitated with a tee recoil dislodgement prevention fin. 
    No other golf tee to compare, this concept must be new to the market  

  4. A tee with an energy deflection shaft reduces the loss of energy by golf tee.
    Please compare with Brush Tee concept.

  5. A tee with above 4 improvements, is made to stand with repeated use time after time.

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■Precise Ball Balance + Nano Friction:
Ball unbalanced placement on the tee produces more friction on the lower side which produces unwanted ball side spins to make ball moves toward wrong direction . Solution: 3 dimpled cavity tee top is not only designed to reduce frictions but also gain precise ball balance on the tee for straighter, longer ball flight toward target.      

■ Tee stays grounded after impact because of its soft shaft and wings at bottom

■ Golfer can virtually use this tee over and over again.  Much less lost or broken tees at impact.

■ Environmentally friendly because it last so long therefore no more curving trees for just one time use.

■3 1/4” long for oversize driver

For fun and accuracy;
put powder around the rim serrations to see where you are hitting the ball on the face of the driver.