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"Shirt with Cooling Collar and Cooling Pockets" Patented 2006

Because we cannot carry A/C Unit out to field, this invention is handy and get the best result:

You could not know substantial efficiency until you try it out in a hot day

Prevents heat exhaustion and sleepiness to regain focus while driving a car back to home after a long day of outdoor work.

Especially, ice cubes in armpits pockets are very effective for sleepiness while driving a car back home.

normal use



collar up use for icing neckcollar up
armpit ice pocket front view front view
armpit ice pocket inside out view insideout

The Shirts Heat Prevention Design
saves people from

the dreadful "Sensory Adaptation"

so called "The Boiled Frog Phenomenon "in a heat wave
Hyperthermia1: Hyperthermia2

Looking for a partner or licensing.

WHY ICE CUBS in to the shirts ice pockets and MAKE SHIRT WET?
Scientific Truth: we get 7 times more cooling effects using Ice Cubs and make shirts wet:
First by “heat of fusion of ice = ice melting ” and then by “heat of vaporization of water ”;
According to WIKIPEDIA: using Value (kj/kg),
heat of fusion of ice = 333.55, heat of vaporization of water = 2270.00:
2270.00/333.55=6.81: Therefore, water vaporization is about 7 times more effect than ice melting alone.

Vacuum Bottle
The best Ice cubs container was found:
I found left thermal bottle is the best to carry ice cubes for all day.
You can find it at:
Zojirushi SFBAE12ST Tuff Wide 1.3-Liter (44 ounce) Vacuum Bottle

The most Effective Neck and Under Armpits cooling:
In human anatomy, two main blood vessels under the chin and on the sides of the "adam's apple" carry blood to the brain.  Skin surface temperature at these locations immediately affects the temperature of blood going to the brain. Also, main blood vessels exposed near under armpits. The brain recognizes the change of temperature these are immediately.
Above normal temperature effect to brain:
Blood to the brain at a above normal high temperature makes a person slow, lethargic, and drowsy.  Drivers are in danger of going to lose focus while driving.  We all are subject to loss of efficiency and subject to the most deadly "The Boiled Frog Phenomenon ." in the heat.  This invention prevents us from falling in to The Phenomenon.
( The Boiled Frog Phenomenon: if a frog is placed in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately leap out. But if one puts the frog in the pot and gradually increases the heat, the frog will stay. Eventually, the pot will become too hot; the frog will pass out from the heat and be boiled."Sensory Adaptation")       

6 Positive Advantages

Attachable cooling pouch products VS Shirts with Cooling Collar

Attachable cooling pouch products
Shirts with Cooling Collar

In Cold : Useless unless use it as a neck warmer

In Cold :                    Adaptable (1)
Double Collar layer in stand position is to keep neck warmer than a single collar layer.

In Normal use: Useless

In Normal use:          Adaptable (2)
Just keep collar open in normal flat position.

In Hot use: Less effective
Many cooling products uses water proof material to apply “heat of fusion of ice ” effect and no"heat of vaporization of water " effect.

Hot Time use:           Effective (3)
Double effects by using Ice Cubs. First by “heat of fusion of ice ” and then by “heat of vaporization of water ”, the "heat of vaporization of water" is nearly 7 times effective than "heat of fusion of ice "

By Design:  Negative
It have to be kept to the time of use and could be misplaced.

By Design:                Positive. (4)
Always available to the wear at a time of need. Ice pockets is in integral part of shirts, so it cannot be misplaced.

By Design:  Negative
No armpits cooling by design .
By Design:                Effective. (5)
Ice cub in armpits pocks prevents sleepiness while driving a car back home after a end of exhausted long day.

By Design: Negative
This attachment moves around the neck, so sportsman cannot use while playing game.

By Design:                Positive (6)
Stays in constant same spots, so sportsman can wear while playing game.

Needs are not know yet but large potential as below;

During a Heat Wave Warning news of the City, this invention has a big chance to sell these area.

Car Driver:  A driver tends to involve in accident after loosing focus on the drive . Ice cubs in collar and under armpits are to awake the driver for longer period to save a driver from accident. Especially fishermen waking up early morning and driving back home in the evening.

At home use:     for outdoor yard maintenance in hot day.

Golf:     Due to a partial heat exhaustion, the brain is having hard time to focus, results golfer produces errant puts and shots. Use Golf Channel and magazines to let aware golfer to aware the most deadly "the Boiled Frog Phenomenon".

All other sports:             Use Sports channel and magazines to reach out out door sportsman.

Union Workers:  Contact Union Head and Make a trial sample to have a recommendation to sell it large scale to uniform workers. This system should provide higher productivity with less body fatigue and casualty under heat wave environment.  Potential Customers are Union Workers exposed in Hot Environment for long hours.           

Neck burn:      UV Ray A is a wrinkle maker and UV Ray B is a sun burn maker; As a remedy to protect neck skin, we use stand collar version.

Australia:  Global warming alert!  Australian Government has a huge project to keep citizen off the Sun Ray since Ozone Layer at South Paul area has been disappearing and people are exposed to hazardous UV rays and 50% of population is getting skin cancer and they wear long sleeves, sun glasses, and hat all the time for protection in day light time. Shirts with cooling collar can be a remedy to the situation.