Shipping & Returns

Shipping Fee and Method:
You will see a flat shipping fee set for USA except Hawaii and Alaska. 
We are capable to ship limited to USA only except Hawaii and Alaska at this time.
The majority of items are shipped via UPS Ground.

Retailer and Whole Seller link to (15 Towel + 15 Stand) case:

If you are missing items:
Check the packing slip that should be with your shipment.  We may have split your order into several package shipments, which should be indicated on the packing slip. If this is the case, you will receive the rest as you had originally authorized.  We should have emailed you tracking numbers of the carrier to follow where the package is.
Wondering where your order is:
If you have not yet received your order and no tracking numbers to follow at all and think that you should have by now, please email to us.

If delivered items had damaged by the carrier, please get acknowledgement from the delivery man and keep the evidences if possible with digital images to send us through email, so we can follow up with the carriers.