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Details: Portable Golf Caddy : made to last for years of golf.

  1. Benefits details :
  2. Combination use:
  3. Green clean up:
  4. Misjudgment:
    On the wet ground, if golfer only takes a single club, because unused club grips get wet, and find he got a wrong club. His ball ends up short or long.




Golfer’s Voice

Fred:                “ I don’t need to bend down to pick up my clubs for me. ”

John:                “ I could not find my towel.  I left it at the 16th hole.  Club was still there standing.  It was so easy to recover my lost clubs!”

Yoko:               “Thanks to my Portable Caddie, I lost my club got it back right away because name tag was on it.. The  Party behind found it and called me by name.”