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3 Dimples + Cavity Tee Top
= Nano friction + Precise Ball Balance
= More distance + accuracy
Flexible plastic
= More power delivers to a ball
+ Stands repeated use
+ No damage to a Driver Face
= No more loss of tees
= Save time & effort to look for lost tee


The Miracle Golf Tee


5 concepts in one-piece golf tee configuration

  1. Cavity Tee Top + 3 Dimples
    Gains precise ball balance on the tee
    = No ball side spins
    = Accurate ball flight to the target:

    Ball generates sidespins after impact toward leaned side just like a slice or a hook ball from the side hills.
    If ball is leaned too far on either side, 3 dimpled cavity tee top allows ball to fall off, preventing ball sidespins for true ball flight toward target.
    No other golf tee carries this concept; this theory must be new to the market

  2. Cavity Tee Top + 3 Dimples
    Nano friction
    = less ball back spin
    = more distance:

    3 dimpled cavity tee top is to hold golf ball with little contact which reduces friction aginst the tee top surface to reduces ball back spin to gain more distance. 

    You may find more explantion;
    Zero Friction Golf Tee Image and Effects.

  3. A tee anchoring system
    with 2 angled fins to withstand initial impact,
    facilitated with a tee recoil dislodgement prevention 3rd fin. 

  4. A tee with an energy deflection shaft
    = reduction of the energy loss on impact.
    Please compare with Brush Tee concept.
    Brush Tee can't hold a ball after repeated use though.

  5. A tee with above 4 improvements in a simple one piece tee.